To Wonderland we go

I am currently writing this blog at 00:37 AM because I am still ridiculously jet lagged. Thankfully, I am not alone and basically everyone I’ve talked to is in the same boat.

Today IMG_4162was an awesome day. Nicki and I were super productive and woke up at 8:30 to go grocery shopping. We first went to co-op where we got a lot of things for only a few pounds, then ventured to M &S to marvel over the luxury foods.

We got back for breakfast and I was into my second piece of toast with jam when Nicki pointed out that the bread had mold on it. I looked down at my bread and thought about how I had just previously consumed my first slice. So, yes, I had a piece of moldy bread for breakfast this morning. Needless to say, our appetites disappeared.

Dr. Leeman’s class flew by. It was a second session of frantic note taking. We learned about the start of the Revolutionary War, the ferocity of tarring and feathering, and how the Patriots were kind of jerks at some times. I am so glad I get to take another history class. (And no, Dr. Leeman! I am not writing this because 15% of my grade is based off of this blog.)

Nicki and I booked it back to the dorm and she made us some bomb grilled cheeses (with the non-moldy bread). We also broke into our hummus which was agreeably the best hummus we’ve ever tasted. We headed downstairs and walked to another one of our dorms to set on today’s journey.

Since we are reading Alice in Wonderland currently, we decided to take a stroll through Port Meadow- where the tale was created by Lewis Carroll for Alice and her sisters. The weather was cloudy, but it gave the place an incredible glow:

We walked through the meadow and walked toward Binsey where we came across a church and gravesite.

AltIMG_4180hough I saw so many amazing things, I have to say that one of my favorite parts about our trek today was bonding so much with Abby. I’ve heard of her before this trip and voted for her on SGA, but only three days in, we’ve discovered that we are incredibly similar people. We talked just about everything today and it was such an awesome feeling knowing that someone completely understood how I was feeling because they were feeling the same way (I’m speaking in regard to the overwhelming feeling of being in a foreign country and thrown off my personal routine).

On another note, here is this incredible picture of Dr. Trainor tossing up the peace signs in a well:

We walked back from the church and ended up at a pub: The Perch. I have to say this was one of my favorite experiences so far because we had the pleasure of sitting in on Dr. Trainor’s lecture whilst sipping on a pint of cider (I have to say, though, a half pint would’ve been more appropriate).

For Dr. Trainor’s class, each student has to read a poem out loud. Today, I was assigned to read “All in the Golden Afternoon” by Lewis Carroll. Here’s a snippet from it:

All In the Golden Afternoon

Dr. Trainor was hilarious and asked me to stand on this block to read the poem.

All in the golden afternoon
Full leisurely we glide;
For both our oars, with little skill,
By little arms are plied,
While little hands make vain pretence
Our wanderings to guide.

Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour,
Beneath such dreamy weather,
To beg a tale of breath too weak
To stir the tiniest feather!
Yet what can one poor voice avail
Against three tongues together?

Imperious Prima flashes forth
Her edict ‘to begin it’ –
In gentler tone Secunda hopes
‘There will be nonsense in it!’ –
While Tertia interrupts the tale
Not more than once a minute.

It’s a beautiful poem that starts off the book Alice in Wonderland. We got extra credit if we memorized it, but I wasn’t able to in time.

We goIMG_4200t back a few minutes before 6 o’ clock and we had a short amount of time to get ready for the Welcome Dinner. They told us to dress “smart” and left this up to our interpretation so we all threw on the nicest things we brought with us. The only really nice shoes I brought with me were my lovely wedges. I now have a bandage wrapped around my sad pinky toe because of the 20 minute walk to get to St. Clare’s. You would’ve thought I had learned to bring my bus pass with me after the first day incident, but no. So, we had to walk back, too, because I forgot my pass again.


The dinner was lovely, though. We were served soup, then duck, then a dessert (the gf kids got a fruit bowl, which was a little disappointing.) We spent about two hours there but it was mostly bearable because we had bottomless wine sitting in front of us.

It was a lovely day and we ended it with a drink at the Dew Drop In pub in Summertown. Well, friends, until next time. See you down the rabbit hole.



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