The Revolution- not THAT big of a deal?

One of the classes that I have been taking here is Anglo-American Relations with one of my professors from Salve, Dr. Leeman. The first week, we studied the American Revolution, the acts that were proposed, the battles, generals, conflicts, and the American victory.

A lot of this information included facts that I have learned since elementary school. However, we were able to look at this war from the American side and the British side. All of this was super interesting, but what I loved best was the fact that the British were basically feeling “eh” about losing this revolution.

Now, let me emphasize this: obviously they weren’t enthused about losing a war. Wars are a lot of money, they lost men, and obviously some serious egos were killed throughout. BUT the American Revolution was no BFG because:

1.) The British weren’t weakened significantly in terms of global power by losing the colonies

2.) Even after losing, the British remained a commercial world power

3.) After the war, the British continued trade with the colonies. They reaped the economic benefits of this trade relationship without having to pay for military protection and government officials into the colonies

Just some food for thought. It’s cool to come into a different country and view a war from THEIR perspective. I’ve found that a lot of what the U.S. is about is emphasizing OUR victories and OUR problems. This class is an awesome opportunity to step back from our reality and look at the impact we had on other countries.


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