London Part Two

HELLO! It’s been a while. I laugh when I think about my ambitious thoughts about writing every single day when I’m here. But yesterday we went to London for the second. I almost did a post last weekend about our first trip to London, but with the attacks, things were difficult to think about.


Anyways, we gathered at 4 Staverton at 8:45. It was great to not have to take the public bus this time. Instead, we were taken by a St. Clare’s bus that made no stops and went straight to London. So, no complaints.

When we got to the city, there was crazy traffic, so we had to walk to the Churchill war rooms. I loved it because the weather was gorgeous and we walked throughout a series of park

s (or one big one, I’m not sure). There were a few holdups- the troops were rehearsing for inspections by the Queen the following week. There were many laughs on the way over because my money pack made me look pregnant. When we got to the war rooms, Sam made a comment out loud about it and some guy our age whipped his head around to look at us, so we decided to play along with it. Baby “Shiela” is apparently due in a few weeks!


The war room was pretty cool. We got there later than expected, but we were still able to spend a decent amount of time. It was really inspiring to see how much Churchill was admired. There was an interactive timeline that detailed his life and it was seriously impressive. You could’ve spent an entire day looking at it. The museum was huge and it detailed seemingly every minute of Churchill’s life.

We walked throughout the bunker and it was really awesome. I couldn’t imagine spending so much time underground with the artificial light. I was also wondering a lot about what Mrs. Churchill did in her free time. Her husband spent hours upon hours in meetings, planning, working with his officials. What did she do?!

The saddest part about the tour, in my opinion, was learning about the nightly bombings on London. Hundreds of planes were sent out, when one could eliminate an entire street to just rubble. Pearl Harbor still hits very close to our hearts in the U.S. I can’t imagine undergoing constant bombing for an elongated period of time.

One of the amazing things about this trip is looking at wars, battles, relations from another country’s perspective. Although Dr. Leeman is a professor from America, we are presented with materials that give the perspective of the British.


After we were finished with the war rooms, we took the tube to check out the Tower of London. We spent about an hour and a half there and it was pretty cool. Again, I think it was the beautiful day that helped with the second trip to London. We looked at the crown jewels (CONSPIRACY: they aren’t real, the ones on display at least), then checked out the torture chamber. Is it twisted to say that I was disappointed that it wasn’t that gruesome? Yep, definitely twisted. My Game of Thrones- poisoned mind has trained me to expect the worst. But the Tower of London is a medieval fortress and prison and execution site. Pretty hefty stuff.


When we finished looking through the Tower of London, we took the tube to King’s Cross station to check out the Harry Potter site. Sam, Abby, Nicki, and I were NOT feeling the line, so we went to a pub nearby for a glass of wine. With the nonstop day, it was just what we needed. The bartenders were interesting. We didn’t feel like we fit in and I think they made an effort for that to happen. That’s an interesting observation I’ve made here. People aren’t too crazy about new comers. However, in this pub, it’s interesting because it was in a train station. But it’s not anything too bad and people are friendly once you strike up a conversation.

We ended our day at the Globe Theatre to see a production of Romeo and Juliette. I loved it. It was hilarious! It was emo themed and so weird and so funny. Many people weren’t fans, but it was just what I needed to get me home.

I love London, but I do not plan on going back there anytime soon. It’s difficult with a group of 20+ people. Next time I go back, I want to be with a few friends or with family. Feeling happy for the adventures, though.


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