By the Sea, Mr. Todd

Okay. It was difficult choosing a title. Do I go with the classic Bostonian song “shipping off to Portsmouth” or do I make a Sweeney Todd reference because I’m in England by the sea? After some thinking (not that much) and typing out a title draft, I went with the latter. I may or may not save the first one for my return to the U.S. (sad face) . But my apologies, moving on to the interesting stuff.

giphy (6).gifToday, we ventured to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in (shocker) Portsmouth, England. It was a healthy two hour bus ride which I am ALL FOR except for the fact that Nicki decided to pee last minute and we were stuck with an unfortunate seat. Now, I use the word “unfortunate” lightly because we literally had no leg room.


Please, take another look because these are the conditions for both the ride there AND the ride back. I wasn’t going to be that a-hole that made a mad rush to the bus for the ride back so someone else gets stuck with this “seat.” Thankfully, I am a flexible human and I typically pretzel it up when I get in the car. Out of the variety of positions that I took on throughout the journey, here is one of them:


Sorry for the pic of my toes, but it is what it is. I did ask the bus driver to adjust the seat and he said that “he’d try.” Anyways, whether he did or not, mission was not a success.

When we got there, it was cloudy and a bit chilly. It was great, though. The first thing we did was (well, was go to the bathroom but after that) go on a boat tour. Boats are literally my favorite thing so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was so relaxing, too. Everyone just did their own thing. If you wanted to go outside, you went outside. If you wanted to sit inside and doodle, you damn did it! We ended up just sitting inside and it was a great one hour touring the harbor.

I love boats. But anyways, moving on.

For lunch, I had a delicious quiche and then some chips. We had a nice hour for lunch and to walk around which I really appreciated. Some of the girls got their “fortune told” by a machine. Some people got some really good ones, but Nicki’s predicted her being pregnant with twins. Alyssa’s was so specific- telling her that a salesman was going to persuade her to buy his products on a form of public transportation and if she buys it, she will be the laughing stock of her neighborhood. Then, Abby’s told her that she needed to improve her appearance with a perm. I’m glad I saved my 50 pence.

Next, we hopped on board to the HMS Victory, Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic Wars (yep, Dr. Leeman, I copy-and-pasted it right from your e-mail). It was pretty awesome.


Again, this trip was so awesome because it was really relaxing and we were able to just have fun and be goofy. From a historical perspective, though, I’m really glad I didn’t serve on this boat.

The hammocks looked pretty litty (sorry), but I’m not sure how they’d be long-term.There were some insanely tight quarters and I couldn’t imagine living there. I think I’d be possibly more uncomfortable living on that boat than how I am in this photo:


We concluded our day with two museums: the National Museum of the Royal Navy and then some gallery. My favorite part about the exhibits was the section about the female navy participants, WRN. The first woman to command troops was a part of WRN and she commanded in WWII. The exhibit included letters, uniforms, and personal stories.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m so glad we went on this trip. I love Portsmouth!


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