Stonehenge! *insert rock emoji*

Hello friends! So, on Friday, I had the pleasure of going off to Stonehenge. I originally thought I wasn’t going to be able to go because the first trip filled up too fast. However, Dr. Trainor was generous enough to get a second bus to bring us at a later date.

We met at 18 Bardwell at 13:15 and it was a solid group of about 8-ish people. I really loved having the small group. I didn’t really have the chance to think about how much of a difference it is to have 25 people opposed to under 10.

The bus ride was easy. I listened to incredible music and was able to reflect on my trip so far. When we got off the bus, we went into the exhibit that explained Stonehenge. It was pretty spectacular, too, to ponder the fact that these people were able to position the stones just right- let alone being able to transport them over 5 miles to the site.

When we left the exhibit, we lined up and all of us tried to pull one of the stones (it was a special exhibit, we weren’t being a-holes). Not surprisingly, we failed. Those rocks are crazy heavy. But before we went to see Stonehenge, we checked out the huts that these people lived in.

After we were done, we hopped on the shuttle. My favorite part about possibly this entire excursion is this photo I took of Nicki:


When we arrived at the site, I was amazed. It was spectacular! It was also very surreal. You hear about Stonehenge, read about it, see it in your history textbooks, but it’s an entirely different experience to actually be there. Abby said that it was spiritual, in a way, to stand there and look at those rocks and I agree with her.


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