Bath: A jolly good time!

And it was! It was about a two hour drive to get there and I had a fabulous queue set up for myself. In fact, after 3 years of listening to the song “From Eden” by Hozier (less frequently the past two years) I was FINALLY able to get the tempo. I know that’s the dorkiest thing ever- because it is- but still! It’s written in 3/2 time which is ridiculous. However, I finally have it. But anyways, I was supposed to sleep on the bus to make up for lost sleep. Since I was all pumped up from From Eden, though, my brain was too stimulated and I couldn’t sleep. But it was so nice to just sit there, reflect on my trip, and look out the window.

Right when we got there, we stood in line to go see the Roman baths. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Now, when we got to the baths, I must admit, I was a tad disappointed. The water was so gross. I guess that makes sense because it’s outside and pollen and all that jazz falls into the water. But for some damn reason, I had this expectation that the baths would be these astonishing, sparkling blue waters. As I took pictures, I choked back my disappointment and took some great pleasure in people watching.

For your own personal enjoyment, here is a photo being so damn AWKWARD:

At the Baths, there were some people dressed like Romans and slaves so, naturally, Nicki walks up to the Roman and asks if she can “touch his sword.” He looked very confused, but quickly recovered and agreed. The result was this photo:

After the baths, we ate at the Pump Room, where Jane Austen would go for tea. I had a delicious caesar salad and 3 chips (3!!! That’s how much they gave us!) Dr. Trainor was the sweetest and paid for all of our lunch.


After that, we had about an hour to explore, so Nicki and I galavanted around the shops in Bath and it was awesome.

Afterward, we went on a Jane Austen tour. Despite the heat, it was a lot of fun. Bath was gorgeous and it was so cool to see all of it on foot.

Overall, Bath was a really fun experience AND we all got great tans. (I have an unfortunate Chaco tan line). Yay for fun adventures!


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